About Us

Welcome to Berlinzo — Crafted Ice for the Connoisseur's Spirit.

At Berlinzo, we believe that a great drink starts with exceptional ice. Whether you’re crafting a fine cocktail or a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, our ice makers and molds are designed to perfect every aspect of your drink. Our journey began with a commitment to enhance every beverage encounter, recognizing that the best moments often come with a glass in hand.

Crafted in the USA

Our premium ice solutions are meticulously designed in the USA, combining advanced technology with environmentally sustainable practices. Each product reflects a blend of sophistication and functionality, designed to cater to the discerning tastes of all beverage lovers—ensuring that your home bar or kitchen is equipped with nothing but the best.

Revolutionizing Ice One Cube at a Time

Berlinzo’s ice products are born from a fusion of innovative engineering and valuable insights from a diverse pool of beverage experts. Our collaboration with mixologists and health-focused beverage connoisseurs has led to the creation of ice makers and molds that prioritize clarity, slow melting rates, and aesthetic perfection. This ensures that every cube not only looks impeccable but also preserves the purity and flavor of your drink, without undue dilution.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to redefine your drinking experience by providing superior ice that a core element of your beverage and enhances both the flavor and integrity of your drink. Berlinzo ice makers and molds are not just tools; they are gateways to a premium beverage experience, whether you are savoring an artisanal cocktail or refreshing mocktail, whether hosting a grand event or enjoying quiet evening.

Sustainability at the Core

We are dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that every product not only elevates your beverage but also respects the environment. Our efficient designs reduce water and energy use, helping you enjoy your favorite drinks responsibly.

Join Our Community of Connoisseurs

Berlinzo invites you to discover the art of perfect ice. Experience how our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation makes every sip special. From gourmet gatherings to casual evenings, let Berlinzo enhance your beverage moments.

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