1. Fill the plastic storage water box with warm water to the bottom of the vertical marker inside the container (about 2” from the top).
  2. Slowly press both parts of the mold into the plastic container. Make sure the water overflows the area of the fill holes.
  3. Put the container with molds upright into a freezer for 24-28 hours. Depending on your freezer, the time may vary but, in any case, do not exceed 30 hours to prevent ice in the molds from turning translucent.
  4. When the icemaker is taken out of the freezer, remove silicone molds by slowly and evenly pulling them by the handles on the edges, side by side at the same time. The mold should open smoothly.
  5. Separate the halves of molds. Cut off the excess ice on demand. Your ice is ready to be served! For future serving, it is possible to store it in a BPA-free Storage Bag that accommodates 6 ice balls.
  6. Leave the ice at room temperature at 3-5 minutes, and then pour the drink in. Then your ice will be perfect and won't have cracks. Enjoy. Repeat.