Adding Ice to Cocktails Works Wonders. And Here’s Why

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If you have ever wondered who was that person who first added ice into drinks, you are not alone. The history is fluctuating with details. However, it is possible to say that the practice of putting ice in drinks for refreshing or stylish purposes dates back to the Roman Emperor Nero. He loved drinking “cocktails” with ice and honey to chill. Then, history says that iced drinks were super popular in China’s Tang Dynasty and among Indian Mughal monarchs. They enjoyed kulfi, a drink created from condensed milk frozen into molds. The “bartenders” of those times created drinks by mixing ice with salt and submerging spirits. And it all resulted in frozen foam.

What about the U.S. bar culture and ice? Shipped ice was continuously accessible in locations like New Orleans, San Francisco, and New York during the 19th century, which affected the drinks profiles out there. It all led to the industrial appearance and production of mechanically generated ice - what is today known as ice machines.

Who else? In the 19th century, Chilean brewers refrigerated their beer with ice taken from icebergs. By the 1850s, glacier ice harvesting had become the most sought-after method for beer refrigeration. Japan didn’t lag behind as well. This Asian country was the one that transformed the art of adding ice into cocktails because bartenders used to create different shapes of ice to add to drinks that were not trite.

Nowadays, you won’t find a single bar without an ice station. Besides, there are even ice bars where all the glasses are made from ice, and bartenders who love ordering and working with a whiskey ice ball maker that makes the true WOW effect.

Why Is Crystal Ice So Important for Drinks?

Adding crystal ice is vital because it is responsible for the aesthetics and perfectly dilutes the drink. However, it is all gradually frozen the way you won’t drink an ice-cold cocktail straight away.

Ice serves as a filter. Harsher tastes are avoided by gently numbing the tongue, while the whiskey becomes more refreshing. This is especially true for bourbon, the natural strong sweetness of which is amplified by ice while other aspects are filtered away.

Remember that the larger the ice cube, the slower it melts, which is usually better for your drink. Whiskey rocks and other comparable goods have the same effect but without the need for water dilution, so experiment as you see fit. If you want the ice in your whiskey to melt more slowly, use an ice ball rather than an ice cube. This allows you to cool the drink without diluting it too rapidly.

There is no simpler method to make crystal clear ice than to boil water and pour it into a Berlinzo ice mold. We cater to your drinking comfort and refreshment. That’s why we make only crystal clear ice with an ice maker. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Add water to the mark on the ice sphere maker.
  2. Close the ice ball maker.
  3. Put it into the freezer.
  4. Sometime later, slowly remove the silicone molds and have your ice balls ready to be added to your drinks.

You can manufacture perfectly round 2.4-inch balls with our transparent ice ball mold maker. 

Note: You have to use boiled water to get crystal clear ice!

Replace your boring ice makers with our crystal clear ice cube maker (spherical) and feel the difference.

Top 4 Types of Ice for Your Drinks

Let’s introduce you to the top types of ice which you can use for your drinks. They all fit different cocktails, so choose the one to your liking:

  • Ice cubes are a versatile sort of ice that may be utilized for a variety of mixing applications. Because of their huge surface area, cubes don’t melt quickly and create less dilution of liquids. If you need slower dilution, make larger cubes. They are popular in sodas, juices, and on-the-rocks cocktails;
  • Shaved ice. This coarsely smashed ice is a common ingredient in soda fountains. Fans of non-alcoholic beverages like them in slushies and frappes;
  • Cracked ice. Because cubes are not bladed friendly, bagged ice from convenience shops is broken to prepare frozen drinks in a blender. Ice that has been cracked is great for producing frozen margaritas;
  • Ice balls. Japanese mixologists developed the stylish custom of cutting ice balls. Ice-ball whiskey is the Japanese equivalent of whisky on the rocks. Such drink is traditionally enjoyed from a glass filled with ice in the “Mizuwari” style. With our clear ice ball maker, you can do it rapidly.

Final Words

As you can see, ice is crucial for all drinks and cocktails which are a perfect way to refresh the hot summer days. And this is especially true with our round ice cube maker that can produce ice that looks stylish and will impress your guests. You won’t receive a diluted drink straight away but gradually have it chilled. Just make your favorite cocktails, add an ice ball in it, and SAVOR IT!

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