All You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Whiskey Types and How to Serve Them

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Today whiskey may be produced from several grains and water, depending on the kind and producer (different countries have their production peculiarities). Barley, corn, rye, and wheat are examples of used cereals. There are five major steps involved in the manufacturing process, which are as follows:

  • Malting. It converts barley to mash;
  • Mashing. It generates wort (sugar solution) from the malt;
  • Fermentation.  It produces wash or else-known as impure spirit;
  • Distillation. Its main goal is to purify the spirit from the wash, as well as separate the solids;
  • Maturation. It transforms the spirit into whiskey.

After that, the drink is just bottled for a specific time to be further sold. These are the basics of how most whiskeys are made around the world.

5 Main Whiskey Types

To understand what may fit your taste, liking, and preferences, just check out the below-mentioned whiskey types. Have you tasted all of them yet?

Single-Malt Scotch

Country of Origin: Scotland

Ingredients: barley

Process: The producer achieves 94.8% ABV for distillation. Then, it should be stored in oak barrels for at least three years, as well as be diluted with water. The producer may add caramel for a specific color.

Blended Scotch

Country of Origin: Scotland

Ingredients: single malt alongside corn alcohol

Process: It is made with the help of several malt whiskies supplied from several distillers. Those spirits are produced in column stills.


Country of Origin: Bourbon County, the U.S.

Ingredients: corn, barley malt 

Process: Distilled at 80% ABV. Then, the producer ages the spirit for at least two years in charred barrels. As practice shows, four years of aging is required for the best taste and profile.

Tennessee Whiskey

Country of Origin: Tennessee, the U.S. 

Ingredients: corn, barley malt 

Process: Distillation occurs at only 80% ABV. Then, it is filtered with the help of sugar charcoal and aged for at least two years in new barrels.

Canadian Whiskey

Country of Origin: Canada 

Ingredients: corn, barley malt

Process: It is purely a blend of different whiskies of different ages. It should be aged in used oak barrels for a minimum of three years. There is 43.4% of ABV.

As you may have guessed, whiskey types are also divided per their production regions. They are the United States, Tennessee, Ireland, Japan, Canada, and Scotland. Yet, there are more and more new producers appearing including the Post-Soviet countries where whiskey culture is highly appreciated as well. Besides, you may find whiskeys from Eastern countries that try to mimic the technologies of Japanese producers to conquer the market.

What’s the Best and Tastiest Way to Serve Whiskey?

It’s simple: everything will depend on your preferences. Some people enjoy drinking neat whiskey while others cannot tolerate neat drinks and need a little bit of dilution with ice for their whiskey tumbler. For your consideration, below you will find our recommendations on how to drink and serve this high-end alcoholic beverage in the best way.

#1. Straight

With our whiskey glass set, you can enjoy your whiskey straight - just fill a glass halfway. You can pour the drink using the jigger to make the right single-shot or double. You have to drink it slowly to help the spirit affect your receptors and enjoy its rich flavor. You can go for a Scottish one with a smoky taste or opt for Japanese or Canadian whiskey that is usually deprived of any flavors.

#2. With Ice

Many people cannot tolerate the neat taste of alcoholic beverages because it burns their throat. In this case, you can put some ice in your drink. We recommend that you refer to our ice maker which generates spherical ice balls that look classy in our crystal whiskey glasses and cater for slower melting. Pour a single or double shot of whiskey into the glass and place the ice ball carefully. If needed, wait for a while until ice melts and dilutes the spirit a bit.

#3. With Water

Some whiskey aficionados ask bartenders to add a splash of water to their Scotch glasses. It also helps to dilute the spirit and avoid the burning effect. However, it is not the best way to enjoy smoky whiskeys.

#4. With Soft Drinks

If you crave something sweet or fizzy, you can also add some soda, coke, or other soft beverages to your drink, depending on your preference. The main thing here is to not spoil the whiskey. If you add a single shot of whiskey, the amount of soda should be doubled.

#5. Make a Cocktail

Last but not least, you can stick to making cocktails using the bar set, a whiskey highball, and an ice maker. The best examples of such cocktails are Whiskey Sour, The Godfather, Manhattan, and Sazerac among others.

Remember: drinking is not about just sipping the drink. It is about the experience that comes with it. If you want to get the most out of your enjoyment, appropriate bourbon glasses will make all the difference. 

There is a specific sort of glasses for each type of premium alcohol drink with distinct elements to improve the attributes of every individual drink:


Old Fashioned glass is another name for a lowball glass which is a short, filled glass with a thick base. The thick base produces a large surface area, which helps preserve mixed beverages.


A whiskey glass is specially designed to bring out all of the rich tastes associated with whiskey. These days, they are frequently interchangeable with juice glasses. The best whiskey glasses have kept the thorough tumbler appearance of lowball glasses to display the color and scent of whiskey. The mouth, on the other hand, is tapered to reduce the size, making the process of drinking from it more pleasant.


These are comparable to whiskey glasses as they are short and not particularly capacious. In terms of size, they fall in between whiskey glasses and shot glasses. Rocks have the advantage of not tipping over, holding plenty of liquid, and accommodating ice. The bigger mouth means that the drink may be consumed practically at once.


Wondering How to Drink Whiskey Right? Check Out What Experts Say

  1. Swirl it around. The scent of whiskey may reveal a lot about its flavor. By smelling the drink, you will enhance the flavor that you will experience when drinking it. Hold the glass up to your face and take a whiff of your drink while keeping your lips open. It allows you to inhale more of the scent. The genuine flavor is a mix of its scent and taste.
  2. There are several mixes, brands, and varieties to choose from, and it takes time to discover the one that will be right for you. Whisky might feel like an acquired flavor for a novice. Scotch which is peaty and smoky, bourbons which are sweet, Japanese whisky which is savory, and rye whiskey which is spicy are all the options. Find your perfect match step-by-step.
  3. Do not try to go only for OLD whiskeys. They are a good fit for those who know the inside out of such alcoholic beverages, but it does not speak of their utmost quality.
  4. Do remember that whiskey always tastes better when you enjoy it with good friends, your partner, or relatives.

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