Want to Make the Best Cocktails Ever at Home? Here’s What You Will Need

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Bar culture is high-end art and business simultaneously. When visiting bars, you overlook how bartenders craft cocktails, or how they operate with bar tools. Logically to assume, at least repeated guests of bars want to mimic the same skills and impress their beloved ones or friends with homemade drinks. The good news is that it is possible, and all you need is a few items and some practice. This guide is dedicated to sharing top must-have items for making cocktails at home. Read below to learn more.

Set of Bar Tools to Make the Most Delicious Cocktails at Home

To relieve your anxiety regarding the number of those tools and their prices, we will make it clear: you will need three items to craft your best drinks.

#1. Cocktail Shaker Set - Bartender Kit

Instead of buying all the items separately, such a Cocktail-making kit involves everything in one. Find Boston Shaker / Cocktail Shaker (25oz / 19oz), Jigger (1oz / 2oz), Muddler, Ice Scoop (6 oz), Bar Spoon, two Wine Stoppers, three Liquor Pourers, Strainer Lid, Corkscrew, Bamboo Stand, Recipe Cards, and Bar Mat (9.8" x 15.8"). They all are included in the cocktail set. Note, the quality of such a Bar Set is superb. It is composed of high-quality stainless steel tools that are extremely sturdy and will survive a long time at your bar. You can master all the bartending skills with it. Forget about rust, chipping, and long-lasting stains ruining your bartending gear.

Let’s say you want to make a Mojito at home. Follow these five easy steps:

  1. Get the recipe. It is extremely easy: rum, mint, lime, ice, as well as some sugar syrup. 
  2. Take mint and lime and, using the muddler, muddle it all until the juice is extracted.
  3. Then take a Boston shaker, pour rum with the help of a jigger there (you can either go for a single- or double-shot, depending on your preferences).
  4. Then, add a single shot of sugar syrup. Again, you can use the jigger. At the same time, you can facilitate the pouring procedure by placing the liquor pourer on the syrup bottle.
  5. Mix both rum and syrup with a bar spoon. Now, you have a combination of rum, syrup, lime, and mint. The only missing ingredient is ice. 

Note, there are lots of Mojito recipes, and you can stick to the classic one with crushed ice. Yet, if you crave something non-trite, you may need to use our ice maker. Using it, you can make a perfect ice ball and complete your drink.

#2. Ice Maker

As you may have noticed, we hinted that you may need our ice maker if you crave non-standard ice in cocktails. Those who work in the Hospitality Sphere know that ice is generated by huge ice machines and offered crushed. Bartenders take it from there and fill their bar station with it. In high-end restaurants and bars, you can find ice makers that produce ice balls. This is what our product stands for. You can make frozen crystal balls of an ideal spherical form. The maker can maintain the pristine clarity of the ball so that you can add posh to your cocktails.

As for the size of the ice balls, at home, you will produce precisely round 2.4-inch ice balls with the help of a transparent ice ball mold maker. By the way, this maker is a go-choice for those who like to sip their cocktails longer as the melting time is slower. And you can be sure the item is safe enough and non-toxic as the ice maker is made from BPA-free silicone, which is extremely safe to use and interact with. 

So coming back to making our Mojito? Just take the ice maker, add water, close the ice maker, and put it into the freezer. Sometime later, slowly remove silicone molds and carefully extract the ice balls. Normally, Mojito is served in highballs, however, you can also continue with your non-trite approach and choose, for instance, whiskey or champagne glass. Prepare a glass, clean it, and place a freshly extracted ice ball there. Then, pour your cocktail, and decorate this masterpiece with mint.

#3. Whiskey Glasses

For both cocktails and neat drinks, alongside a bar set, you will need a set of two whiskey glasses. Our product contains a 10oz set of two lead-free crystal glasses. They ideally fit Manhattan bourbons and old-fashioned cocktails. However, you can use imagination, think outside the box and make any cocktail you wish. Everything depends on your drinking habits. 


These sophisticated whiskey glasses will look perfect and professional whenever you just want to sip some alcoholic beverages in the evening or impress your guests with a glass of expensive Scottish whiskey. They look classy, are not hard to maintain, and help your ice melt slower which is especially great if you are not a fan of diluted shots.

How to Maintain Your Bar Tools?

After you’ve made the best home drinks or cocktails and seen your guests off, you have to approach their cleaning. Since it is professional bartending gear, you should abstain from cleaning them in the dishwasher. Just follow these steps:

  1. Shaker: This indispensable tool for mixing beverages should be cleaned with hot and cold water. You can also place some lemon juice to clean the dirt, and afterward, wash it down with lots of water.
  2. Jigger: Measuring glass 25 ml or 50 ml. When not in need, it is placed either in a dry spot or in a jar full of clean water. If you use syrups, make sure you clean everything manually instead of tossing the jigger into the dishwasher.
  3. Strainer: A bar sieve that filters ice, fruit, and berries. This one can be put in the dishwasher.
  4. Muddler: Used to grind mint, berries, and fruit. It has to be washed manually with lots of water.
  5. Bar spoon: It has an elongated shape and a spiral handle. These features make it easier to mix the cocktail and distribute liquid layers. It can be cleaned manually with hot water.

Note: you have to use soapy water whenever you use syrups and jams to make cocktails. Don’t forget to use a wiping cloth because, after washing, stainless steel may have watermarks that won’t look attractive.

The bar items don’t require any sterilization, however, if you are a fan of cleanliness, you can go for it. To leave them dry for the next home bar session, you can also buy a wooden stand. Not only will it look super cool and classy but also, such storage will allow you to add a pinch of decor to your home bar.

Final Words

You can always complete the collection based on your preferences. The most important visitor to the bar will be yourself, so consider fancy straws or garnish tools. It can be jars for limes, lemons, cherries, or olives which can be stored at your bar during drinking time. When you’ve finished making cocktails and won’t refill the drinks, put the garnish back in the fridge. Moreover, you can also learn how to make sugar decorations on whiskey glasses to add some Caribbean style. Round the rim of the glass with a slice of lemon, so that juice could be extracted, and then cover that rim with sugar. It will sweeten your neat shots.


Order the best bar tools for your home parties and become a real bartender with the best cocktail making kit who can surprise friends with famous cocktails made easily at home.

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